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My story

The world has always had and will deeply connect with fashion.
Fashion & style allows us to express our individuality and who we are. It is how we present ourselves to the world. Before a word is spoken, your style speaks volumes about your personality and who you are. Yet, we often overlook how fashion has a grasp on everyone’s life.

However, not all knew about the secrets the fashion world possessed, its origins, how it progressed, and where it may lead. Only a few selected individuals knew about the prestigious and mythological place where the birth of fashion took place. A building where time does not affect it and where rules are bent. Where everything related to fashion started; the past, present, and future.

The House of Fashion.

Hidden in the depths of its own dimension, the House of Fashion has stood tall and proud for centuries. Only opening its doors to talented and gifted individuals who have received special invitation letters. Using these invitations as keys, the individuals can pass through portals that appear in selected locations throughout the world. And they are welcomed as apprentices by mysterious entities that appear like android-mannequins.

These entities were known as the keepers who sent invitation letters to exceptional individuals that were granted the chance to enter the House of Fashion. As keepers of the house, they maintain its operations and security. However, the mysterious phenomenon of the house’s origin or who the keepers are is not yet known.

Those lucky enough to receive invitations and who took the opportunity to join the House of Fashion could acquire vast knowledge. Gaining access to techniques passed down from generation to generation, the apprentices soon became the world-class designers they were meant to be. As they emerged from their stay within the House of Fashion, they returned to their original timeline on Earth. As a result, with their new knowledge & insights, they became legends in the fashion world, making a name for themselves worldwide. However, they were to never speak of the House of Fashion and its secrets to the public.

The fashion industry and the world have unknowingly been influenced by the House of Fashion through the designers it produces. As a result, 50 great legends were created through the walls of the mysterious Fashion House. They spread throughout the globe in different timelines and caused a creative evolution in the fashion world. This continued in secret for centuries until fate occurred.

People called it the ‘fabric shift.’ In June 2022, for 10 consecutive days, five major planets in the milky way galaxy aligned. This celestial occurrence created a gravitational shift that caused the gateways to be forcefully open for a long time. The strain on portals was too much to handle, which caused different dimensions to be opened. Without needing an invitation, humans were able to get a glimpse at the rumored House of Fashion building.

Thus, the once-great secret House of Fashion became a worldwide sensation when it was discovered by the masses.

People flocked to the open portals to look at the mysterious building. Interests peaked even further as rumors spread of its modern technology, digitized clothing that could change colors on a whim, and sentient androids entirely from another galaxy. It was a different world with untapped potential they could delve into. The House of Fashion was its universe.

They wanted to learn more about this existence and dig deeper into its secrets. And it didn’t take long for society to discover that the House of Fashion has produced great legends and includes benefits for anyone who could enter. Having access to fashion’s past, present, and future, creatives and non-creatives wanted to be a part of it.

This discovery led the people into a frenzy to set foot in the building. But the android-mannequin entities guarded the entrance fiercely and prevented anyone from entering. And once the alignment of the five planets ceased, the portals were closed once again.

Nevertheless, the people were unwilling to let go of this great discovery of the house. They wanted to be a part of this mysterious secret society and have an impact on fashion too. Explosively, the craving increased as more details were revealed about what surprises may lay inside the house. Then unexpectedly, a decision was made that changed everything

The keepers of the house created a bridge in the metaverse that the humans have developed. Making a connection between the real world and the House of Fashion. They produced 10,000 access keys that people can obtain to allow them inside the house. Anyone from around the world was given a chance to get an access key.

Anyone with a key can enter and profit from the House of Fashion’s benefits. They can own avatars created by the keepers and explore the realm of the building. They could learn about fashion’s history and future, access different looks in the digital & physical world, unlock redeemable fashion items, get admission to fashion shows, and uncover the house’s secrets.

Due to the house’s many and varied secrets, at different times throughout the year, it will create a limited portal allowing key holders access to the house itself. These physical portals offer a fashionable experience that is timeless, full of mystery and adventure.

Everyone from around the globe wanted to grab that once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to be a part of the prestigious House of Fashion. Not only to have a bridge between reality and digital but to have a cosmic connection.

The House of Fashion is ready to open its doors and invite you to a world where the past meets the present and future.